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Ivy G.@ 6:32pm 12-31-2012
Thanks for the amazing reading! Have a happy New Year!
Paul & Amy@ 6:03pm 12-24-2012
Just a note of thanks for the amazing show! We loved the way you were able to help us revive the ghosts of Christmas traditions past & get into the spirit of the season!
Tiffany@ 6:29pm 11-03-2012
Hi William, your Wizard/ Wizardess Magical Discovery Workshop show was perfect for our daughter’s post-Halloween birthday and costume party. Everyone (kids and parents, too) loved you!
Lillian & Dan@ 8:51pm 10-28-2012
We really enjoyed your "Journeys through the Veil" presentation. It was just the thing we were looking for to help celebrate the Halloween season.
Randi Thompson@ 4:14pm 10-28-2012
I just wanted to let you know that your psychic party entertainment offering the other night was a big hit! Everyone was talking about the readings and was testing their own intuitive powers after you left. I couldn’t have asked for more. You are the best!
Tracie & Ben@ 7:18pm 10-27-2012
William, your memory seance was awesome!!!!
Robbie Roberts@ 6:52pm 10-27-2012
I really enjoyed being part of your memory séance earlier today. Not knowing what to expect, I was a bit hesitant to join in, but I am glad I did. The experience helped me more than you know. Thank you.
Frances V.@ 4:28pm 10-27-2012
Spectactular show. Fanastic job.
Angela B.@ 7:25pm 10-20-2012
William, thank you sooooo much for making our Halloween get-together a memorable & magical event!
Pastor Todd@ 8:30pm 10-19-2012
Thank you, again. Everyone in attendance enjoyed your presentation and the information you offered.
Lee@ 5:40pm 08-13-2012
Thank you for making Brandon's birthday a magical one.
The Jacobs Family@ 10:14am 08-05-2012
We had William do his Wizard / Wizardess Magical Discovery Workshop Show for our twins 7th birthday. His ability to incorporate both of them and several of their friends into the show while holding everyone’s attention was amazing to watch, and everyone was amazed by the magic.
Aaron@ 11:35am 05-30-2012
Your power of the mind experiment / demonstration gave me a lot to think about.
G. Scott@ 9:00pm 05-26-2012
William, even though I didn’t get a chance to see you perform, except in small bits, the guests-of-honor and the others who saw you said that they really enjoyed the walk-around entertainment you provided. The comments I received about you ranged from entertaining to thought-provoking and inspiring. So, it seems like you delivered the graduation party entertainment that I had hoped for. Thanks for working with me.
Karen Rodriguez@ 3:34pm 05-18-2012
Hiya William, I was a guest at a meeting back in January where you gave your time /life mgt. skills talk. I just wanted to tell you that it took awhile but I just started putting your tips and advice to use and I have been able to see things more clearly. Others have even told me that I seem to be calmer as well. I guess I could say that your talk helped me regain the magic in my life.

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