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Susan Drake@ 3:16pm 03-04-2017
Perfect show, everyone loved it and you! I couldn't have hoped for anything better!
Kelley & Mark@ 11:36am 11-13-2016
Our kids and their parents loved your show, very magical!
Megan V.@ 6:00pm 11-05-2016
Simply amazing, William! My Halloweem party was a hit and you helped make it that way! I can't thank you enough!
Liz, Byan & guests@ 6:42pm 10-29-2016
Just writing on behalf of all of our attendees to let you know how much we all enjoyed the spooktacular mind-altering displays of metaphysical mysteries you shared with us. Have a wonderful Halloween. Planning on next year to see what else you have in store for nightmarish delights.
Jackie Miller@ 4:04pm 10-23-2016
You not only gave us a lot to talk about but all the nightmares we had hoped for, William!
Trever H.@ 2:55pm 08-13-2016
William, your reading stood up to the test of time. Thanks again.
Antionette Travers@ 4:30pm 08-08-2016
My twins and the kiddos said “BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I agree and the other adults did too!
Heather & Tom Wells@ 4:20pm 07-09-2016
The story and performance you did during our 4th of July get-together was touching and powerful. Thank you for helping those present remember the reason for this day.
Donna and Calvin O.@ 3:35pm 06-26-2016
Your reading for us really helped clear a lot of things up and bring us closer together. Don't be surprised if you see us again in 4 to 6 months for another reading, only if we need it, like you suggested.
Isabelle@ 3:42pm 06-25-2016
More than just an entertaining experience, you captured us in a web of a mystical world and gave us so much more! You were terrific, William!
Tom & Gwen@ 5:45pm 04-03-2016
You were the perfect addition to our party, we couldn't have asked for anything better!
Jasmine@ 5:57pm 11-08-2015
I can't tell you how much we appreciate your working with me to resecudule our Halloween party with the storms last week. The things you did and what you brought out in me and the people who showed up were amazed and yes, our conversations led to some really deep stuff that you told me would happen. It was great and more than hoped for. Thanks again!
Toni@ 12:15pm 11-07-2015
Amazing seance, we all really enjoyed it!
Eric Richards@ 6:29pm 11-01-2015
I saw you a few weeks back as a wizard at my girlfriends cousins birthday. Then I saw you at my friends Halloween party doing a seance. I didn't think one could work for both groups as effectively as you did ! Both were age and context appropriate and were amazingly powerful. I would be interested in seeing more of what you offer and who knows, I may even get a reading from you just to see what's going on. If its like what I saw you do its got to be good.
Kelly A.@ 5:59pm 11-01-2015
Many of my guests told me that you were the best most honest and accurate reader they ever sat with. Just wanted to let you know how much your psychic party offering was enjoyed.

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