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Sttacy@ 6:59am 07-26-2015
I really enjoyed meeting you and experiencing some of what you offer.
Brandy M.@ 12:40pm 07-22-2015
I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for my reading at the Psychic Fair this past Saturday. It felt like a very insightful therapy session for me with a lot of personal touches. Your laughter is contagious, which was also quite up-lifting during the session.
Trinity@ 1:03pm 07-03-2015
You have an amazing talent, keep doing what you do. Thanks!
Alex@ 8:01pm 06-14-2015
I had to tell you that the Metaphysical reading you gave me was great. Next time I'll need to try the personality reading like you did for Nora.
Nora J.@ 7:56pm 06-14-2015
Amazing reading,William. I never thought the mindless doodles and drawings I made would reveal so much.
Mark & Marie@ 6:15pm 12-21-2014
The old-style Christmas entertainment was really different and we also enjoyed finding out about the history behind how this time of year was once celebrated.
Nicole@ 8:58pm 12-13-2014
William provided the entertainment we hoped for, making this year's Christmas party perfect.
Evelyn@ 6:10pm 11-01-2014
The seance was amazing, I can't believe how emotionally powerful it was for me personally. BTW the readings you did for us beforehand were great, too.
Holly@ 7:03pm 10-25-2014
Wickedly good show William, we loved it!
Steven G. & Roxanne @ 4:30pm 10-25-2014
Yours was the best seance experience we ever had.
Andrea@ 2:14pm 10-19-2014
The Psychic Party was a huge success! Everyone raved about your readings and many of them told me they would love to see you for a longer session at the Metaphysical Center when they take a trip to Metairie. Thanks again!
Sandi@ 6:23pm 07-12-2014
William, you should really promote yourself as a true psychic. You gave me one of the best, most accurate and fun reading experiences I’ve ever had!
Allysa@ 4:00pm 04-13-2014
Thanks again for the magical moments and memories you helped create!
Lea@ 8:12pm 11-01-2013
Amazing show! You hit right tone of spookiness that we wanted for our haunted Halloween house party everyone loved it, thank you again.
The Petersons@ 6:30pm 10-27-2013
Wow! The kids couldn’t stop talking about all the magic they did and even us grown-ups were really impressed with your wizard’s show and message, we really enjoyed it all!

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